MyEquipment Gives Real-Time Data Management

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Equipment

MyEquipmentDTN/The Progressive Farmer is releasing MyEquipment.  Powered by Farmobile PUC, a Passive Upload Connection device, MyEquipment provides real-time machinery data collection as part of the MyDTN management suite.

“We are proud of this collaboration, which brings together the management tools of MyDTN with the most comprehensive and timely machine and agronomic data from Farmobile,” said Jason Tatge, CEO and founder of Farmobile. “Like DTN/The Progressive Farmer, we are committed to farmers and are focused on partnerships that will create the next generation of information to drive value back to farms.”

The MyDTN suite offers informations about a variety of farm aspects from anywhere, on any device.  Growers can receive alerts to help spot favorable market conditions, consolidate market, weather, and industry information for better time management, and view field-level forecasts for timing of irrigation, crop protection applications, and livestock care.