UF/IFAS Help Unravel Complicated Water Policy

Kelly MarshallConservation, Education, water, Water Management

University of FloridaThe University of Florida/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education has a new program to help those who need information about water policies.  The mobile-friendly website provides people with access to the policies and aids them in deciphering complicated information.  In addition to several tools that help residents understand Florida policies, the website also contains ideas for thoughtful conversations about water use.

Users can find information on:

  • Basin Management Action Plans
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads
  • Florida Spring Initiative
  • Water Quality Assurance Act
  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan
  • Clean Water Act

In addition to the policy information, users can search a comprehensive library of UF/IFAS research into water issues from the PIE Center, the UF/IFAS Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology, the UF Water Institute and EDIS documents.

PIE Center associate director Alexa Lamm, an assistant professor of agricultural education and communication, developed the mobile site as part of her Wells Fargo Extension Professional and Enhancement Award.

“We truly want this to be a one-stop shop for people wanting to know more about water issues in Florida,” Lamm said. “By taking this complex information and explaining it in a way that more people can understand, the policies can become part of the work people do every day.”

Check the site for instructions for add a shortcut to your smartphone’s home screen.