Senate Yet to Deal with WOTUS & GMO Labeling

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msf-15-72-editedTwo hot button issues Senate has yet to tackle include GMO labeling bill and the final ruling on Water of the United States (WOTUS). At the Missouri State Fair’s legislator day policy makers spoke on these issues that have a huge impact on agriculture across the country.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says we really need to look at science enhancement and how we make food to feed a growing global population. “There are too many standards involved in the process of how we produce food in the country and how it goes into other countries. I do think it is appropriate to have a discussion about what that one standard should be.” He added that you can’t be anti-science and still meet the food needs around the world and a world that has a growing interest in diverse food. “Once you have better food with more choices, no one wants to go back to fewer choices.”

On WOTUS, the Senator said the jurisdiction of the EPA cannot expend to the point they want it to. “All the water in the country is not navigable. Everyone understood that in 1972, only the EPA wants to suggest that all the water that could run into all the navigable water is navigable. This is a jurisdiction the federal government couldn’t possibly exercise if they get it.” He believes until the American people have had time to understand this rule, we need to continue to stand in the way of implementing it.

msf-15-101-editedLearn more about the Senator’s stance on other ag issues here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Senator Roy Blunt”]

Missouri Congresswomen Vicky Hartzler who sits on the House Ag Committee also had comments on both issues. When it comes to the GMO labeling she feels it will stop the current patchwork system of individual states with various labeling requirements. “I think it will be good for everybody. It will allow consumers to have information without a set of confusing regulations that is in the works right now.”

On to another form of government regulation, WOTUS. “We need the government to get out of mandating how we manage our property. This is a huge federal land grab. We need to get the EPA to resend the rule. In the House we passed a bill to do that and unfortunately it is sitting in the Senate. But we are going to try and stop it through other ways like defunding the EPA.”

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