Non-Corrosive N-BOUND™ Stabilizer

Melissa SandfortAgribusiness, Eco Agro, Nitrogen

5759cba2-f8f1-4da3-a099-1f4e23fb8047Eco Agro Resources (EAR) introduces N-BOUND™ nitrogen stabilizer as an alternative to current nitrapyrin formulations to control denitrification and leaching. Unique PENXCEL technology delivers a proven nitrogen stabilizer, Dicyandiamide (DCD), in a non-corrosive liquid formulation. This product is not classified as a restricted use pesticide, and does not impact soil bacteria in the same way as the industry standard product.

Fertilizer dealers have the flexibility to introduce N-BOUND directly into the tank or use metering systems. Eco Agro Resources conducted tests with manufacturers of pumps for filling tanks and metering devices for anhydrous equipment. All tests have confirmed that the product is non-corrosive and works well with these the systems in field tests.

Norm Davy, Chief Marketing Officer for Eco Agro Resources explains, “Anhydrous ammonia users like to stabilize their nitrogen, but have experienced corrosion of their equipment and would prefer a product that wasn’t a restricted use pesticide. Now they have an option to use non-corrosive N-BOUND stabilizer in their fall and spring applications. In all tests conducted with various anhydrous equipment manufacturers, N-BOUND stabilizer has proven non-corrosive and was accurately metered through standard systems.

N-BOUND stabilizer is a breakthrough liquid formulation that makes handling easy. Davy has heard from retailers and growers who have witnessed nitrogen losses due to wet weather in 2015 that they want a new option. “N-BOUND opens up possibilities for growers and retailers never available before. Our liquid formulation blends fast, provides a safer alternative than the current restricted use treatment, and eliminates the hassle of corrosion.”

The N-BOUND product can also be used on urea and in liquid UAN. This provides extra flexibility to retailers who offer a range of nitrogen fertilizer options with nitrification inhibitors.