InfoAg Presents Emerging Legal Issues in Precision Ag

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infoag15-95-budkeThe 2015 InfoAg Conference hosted a rather unique panel and Jamie had the opportunity to visit with Chris Budke on a rather surprising legal issue for those in precision farming.

Budke’s unexpected background consists of 10 months as a special investigator for Husch Blackwell, and prior to that, special investigator for the FBI, specifically working on human trafficking out of Kansas City.  He explains the federal government’s new policy for stopping human labor and sex trafficking is to require the contractors who provide goods and services to the federal government to understand the labor supply chain for their own company and prohibit this practice themselves

“So the difficulty for prime contracts under the new regulations is they are no longer only responsible for their own labor and supply chain, they are also responsible for their subcontractors and the companies supplying the goods and services necessary of them to provide the service to the federal government.  So it it going to be important for contractors to understand  where the materials are coming from and understand where the labor services that are used in the production of the goods or services they are selling to the federal government,” Budke tells Jamie.  “If they are using a foreign labor contracting service that foreign labor contracting service, they must certify that the service understand the new federal regulations and is in compliance with the federal regulations.”

Listen to the full interview to better understand how human trafficking laws may affect precision business.

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