Ads to Air Supporting Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

John DavisAg Group, GMO, Government

SafeFoodNew ads to support a bill that bars states from enacting mandatory GMO labeling laws will start airing in selected states. This article from Agri-Pulse says the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food (CFSAF) is releasing advertisements in Minnesota and Kansas to encourage support for the federal bill that would protect farmers and consumers alike.

The television and radio ads, which praise Reps. Mike Pompeo, R-Kans., and Collin Peterson, D-Minn., will begin airing this week and run for two weeks in regions coinciding with the lawmakers’ districts, according to CFSAF. The coalition represents various aspects of the food and agricultural sectors including the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Pompeo sponsored the bill, known as the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, which passed the House in June with a vote of 275-150. Peterson was one of forty-five House Democrats who voted for the bill on final passage. Supporters say the bill would prevent a “patchwork” of state labeling laws that would drive up consumer cost.