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infoag15-15-editedHeath Gerlock wears a lot of hats at FarmMobile; founder, director of marketing are just a few. But one of his main roles is making sure farmers have a good understanding of what FarmMobile can offer them. During the 2015 InfoAg Conference, I stopped by their booth to learn just that.

“FarmMobile is really about facilitating the fastest path from data on machines to the decision makers. We want to strengthen the relationships between agronomists and the farmer, relationships between implements, seed and chemicals dealers and the farmer. The way we do that is by making those relationships work faster with faster data.”

FarmMobile made a small orange box that comes with all the wiring necessary to plug right into a farmers machinery. It uses cellular data and a high precision GPS receiver and sends the data to the filing cabinet in the sky. The grower can then share that data with trusted server providers a couple of different ways.

“It is not about the hardware. It is about reducing a painful process farmers are dealing with right now. Moving data from thumb drives has historically been the way a farmer gets data off machines to his service providers. 80% of the data stays on the machines, which means it’s not being used far more intelligently. We element thumb drives and all of the different mechanisms used to get that data out. You plug in our little orange box and it just happens magically.”

Listen to my complete interview with Heath to learn about FarmMoblie’s farmer feedback and how you can get your hands on your very own little orange box. [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/infoag-15-farmmobile-gerlock.mp3″ text=”Interview with Heath Gerlock, FarmMobile”]

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