Sustainability Game “Thrives” on AFBF Site

Kelly MarshallAFBF, Ag Group, Education

thriveThrive” was the first soil and sustainability focused game offered by American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture on it’s educational resource website, My American Farm.  The game focuses on STEM standards, that’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and is aimed at third to fifth graders.

Through interaction with Thrive, players will gain an understanding of how farmers and ranchers care for the environment, as well as the important tools they use to help soil and water thrive on a farm.

Thrive can be played both in the classroom and at home. Information on numerous activities to accompany the game, such as creating a butterfly habitat and caring for the soil, also are provided.

A special thanks to DuPont Pioneer, the generous title sponsor that made the site and resources available for free.