Virtual Reality at New Holland Engineering

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Audio, New Holland, technology

nh-media-15-152-virtual-realityMembers of ag media got a behind the scenes look at New Holland engineering and product development while attending their recent media event. Dave DeChristopher, simulation manager for New Holland Agriculture, spoke to the group about virtual reality and they even got to wear 3-D glasses. This image is from his 3-D presentation.

“Virtual reality is a small piece of the overall way we use simulation in all of our products. The idea being that if we can use simulation to do some of the thing we use to do physically, we can often times do it faster with more optimization.”

Dave said he has been at New Holland for 20 years and when he first started the simulation of structural durability was just catching on. But it didn’t take long to have all the design teams on board. Later other technologies were implemented.

“One of the things using the software allows you to do is exaggerate what is happening. You can drive things harder than you could ever do in the field. Then really look at it and understand what is happening so you can design around it. Design it for how it is actually functioning.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Dave to learn more about the precision technology New Holland utilizes here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Dave DeChristopher, New Holland”]

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