Salford Group Bolsters Line-Up

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment, Fertilizer

salford-logoNew products are being added to Salford Group‘s fertilizer application line.  Two new spreaders and the largest pull-type pneumatic boom applicators on the market are being included as the result of the recent acquisition of BBI Spreaders and Valmar Airflo.

New to the Canadian market are two Salford BBI spreaders, the MagnaSpread Ultra and Javelin. This equipment has previously been distributed in the American market and the company is now excited to offer it throughout Canada as well. Both featured in the Producer Series, these spreaders are optimized for large-acreage operations, a hallmark of the western Canadian market.

Both spreaders arrive in the field standard equipped with the Task Command System from Salford BBI Electronics but are compatible with other precision farming equipment as well. The Task Command System offers producers true precision farming technology, with guidance and variable rate control among its capabilities.

Salford also welcomes the Salford Valmar 8600 to its product line. Valmar manufactures the only pull-type pneumatic boom fertilizer applicators on the market, with the 8600 being the largest model.

The 8600 gives farmers increased versatility through its 54, 57, 60 and 66 ft. boom widths, standard half-machine shut off, and its option package for metering and tire types.  What sets Salford Valmar applicators apart is the ability to maintain accuracy throughout the width of the boom and achieve an even spread pattern, even in windy conditions. Fan options include a 1000 rpm PTO driven fan or a hydraulically driven 17 in. fan that operates at 4700 rpm.

These new addition add significant benefits Salford Group.  Their new, expanded product line includes: primary, secondary, and vertical tillage, air seeders, commodity carts, cover crop seeders, spinner-type fertilizer spreaders, air-boom applicators and granular applicators for fertilizer, insecticide, seed, seed inoculant and forage preservatives.