New Report on Cover Crops, Soil Health Out Soon

John DavisAg Group, Cover Crops, Soil, USDA

grasslandoregonA new report outlining recommendations for cover crop and soil health reform is due out soon. Seed breeder and producer Grassland Oregon gives a preview of what will be in the report that will come from the National Working Group on Cover Crops and Soil Health, in particular, the call for public-private partnerships for cover crop research and reform.

When asked about the public-private partnerships mentioned in the report Risa DeMasi, Chair of ASTA and partner at Grassland Oregon, stated, “Public-private partnerships will keep us from being redundant with our resources such as trials and research. We can bring consumers solutions faster by walking down the path together rather than working separately.” As ASTA seeks public-private partnerships, companies like Grassland Oregon also hope to foster a partnership with the National Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) and the USDA.

Grassland Oregon hopes the recommendations will be seriously considered and deemed a priority by government regulatory bodies.