New Sustainability Solutions from Agren

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Software, sustainability, Water Management

PrintA three-tired Sustainability Solution has been unveiled by Agren, Inc., the leading provider of sustainability technology.  The program provides agribusiness a way to add sustainability to their current precision setup.  The platform assists growers with a multi-tired path from lead generation to full service conservation planning.  The value it provides makes Agren unique.  Solutions are practical, transparent to consumers, and science-based.

It’s purpose is to provide farm-specific solutions to assist with the demand for sustainably produced food.

  • Intuitive, color-coded map layers in Tier 1 target areas of greatest concern and help advisors initiate a conversation with growers about specific resource concerns like soil erosion and nutrient loss that may be limiting productivity.
  • Graphs and maps in Tier 2 allow advisors to rapidly analyze and understand the impact of management practices on soil and nitrogen loss.
  • With Tier 3, ag advisors are able to deliver a full-suite of custom soil and water management services to growers, including site-specific recommendations for practices like reduced tillage, cover crops, and grassed waterways.

“Sustainability isn’t a fad,” says Agren CEO Tom Buman. “Sustainability is the crop input of tomorrow.” Spurred by population growth, news of hypoxia and climate change, looming regulation, and pressure from consumers, agribusiness is becoming acutely aware of the need to create viable sustainability programs. With Agren’s Sustainability Solution, agronomists are able to provide powerful conservation recommendations that easily integrate with their precision ag platform.

“The path to meaningful change is to provide real value to growers. Precision ag provides the platform to deliver that value,” says Buman. “By implementing Agren’s Sustainability Solution, ag retailers can differentiate themselves and address both short-term and long-term environmental challenges.”