AgSense Software Update for Linear Irrigation

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Irrigation, Software

AgSenseAgSense is announcing an important software update.  The industry leader in remote-managed irrigation control has an update for growers using AgSense Field Commander hardware to monitor their irrigation units.

“This significant update is the only one of its kind in the industry and features a comprehensive new section for control of linear irrigation units,” said AgSense software development engineer Aaron Berger.

The update allows user-selected options to be managed remotely by setting a distance from a designated field boundary, including stop-in-slot, variable speed, and end-gun control. It also includes a series of linear-specific reports that helps growers evaluate their irrigation plan so they can easily comply with water usage reporting requirements.

The updated software is free and has been integrated into AgSense’s dashboard, WagNet. It is currently is available on its desktop version with mobile app updates planned for later in the year.

Several newly released functions require that Field Commander units be upgraded to firmware version 41 or higher, which can be completed remotely by AgSense tech support.

Customers can call 605-352-8350 to schedule a free remote firmware update, or make a request through AgSense LiveChat at or, or via the AgSense Facebook page.