2015 CTIC Conservation in Action Tour

Kelly MarshallConservation, CTIC, Events

Conservation in ActionOn August 11-12 the Conservation Technology Information Center’s (CTIC) eighth annual Conservation in Action Tour will visit farms in southeastern Minnesota.  The tour will include a close-up exploration of conservation farming practices and will focus on innovative practices and partnerships.  The trip is touted as one of the conservation agriculture world’s top idea-sharing opportunities.

Executive Director, Karen Scanlon says participants will visit farms ranging from corn and soybeans, to vegetable operations, to dairies.  Expect hands-on exploration of conservation ideas like: saturated and vegetative buffers, innovative drainage techniques, strip till systems, and others.

“There’s great diversity in the farming practices, crops and landscapes in southeast Minnesota, and a wide range of innovative conservation technologies and systems in use there, which will make this a rich experience,” Scanlon points out.

“The diversity of the participants themselves is a vital part of what makes Conservation in Action tours so powerful,” she adds. “You’re sitting on the bus and sharing meals with farmers, crop consultants, government policymakers, agribusiness leaders, ag retailers, members of conservation groups and others—and everyone is talking about conservation agriculture. The access to people and ideas is truly unique.”

Previous tours have sold out so register early.  To register for the event, visit www.ctic.org/CIATours, or contact Crystal Hatfield at hatfield@ctic.org or (765) 494-9555.