Feed A Bee Initiative Exceeds Goal

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Bayer CropScience, Bees

feed-a-bee_bannerThe Feed the Bee campaign has received pledges to plant 50 million flowers in 2015.  The initiative, sponsored by Bayer CropScience just 12 weeks ago, strives to to increase forage for honeybees by working with organizations and indificuals to provide the pollinators with their food source.  Almost 200,000 people supported the campaign by visiting www.FeedABe.com and requesting seeds to plant.

“That fact that the Feed a Bee initiative has already met its goal to plant 50 million flowers is a testament to the passion of individuals and organizations to support pollinator health,” said Jim Blome, president and CEO of Bayer CropScience LP North America. “While this is a great initial step for Feed a Bee, we know there is more work to be done to allow these amazing creatures to thrive, and we don’t plan to stop here.”

Individuals are encouraged to continue supporting Feed a Bee by coming back to share their planting photos using #FeedABee on social networking sites. Individuals will have the opportunity to view their planting contributions on an interactive tool on www.beehealth.bayer.us/feed-a-bee.  Individuals can also still visit www.FeedABee.com to have the Feed a Bee initiative plant forage on their behalf or commit to planting a bee-attractant plant on their own. 

The Feed a Bee campaign is also close to reaching its goal of working with 50 partners to plant thousands of acres of flower-producing crops this year. To date, the initiative has secured more than 30 collaborators, including groups like NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Project Apis m. and Integrated Vegetation Management Partners, Inc.(IVM Partners).

Feed a Bee is one of several programs sponsored by Bayer’s Bee Care Program, continuing its nearly 30 years of supporting bee health.