Innovative New Campus for Novozymes

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, biotechnology

VCSNovozymes, a world leader in biological solutions, is expanding it’s business by an estimated 800 employees.  A new research center is to be built in Lyngby, a site 13 kilometers north of Copenhagen, Denmark.  The goal of the new station is to create a global hub for biotech research and business development.

“This is an investment in the future, where the new innovation campus will be a cornerstone for our global research. Novozymes is driven by innovation and this center will help strengthen our growth through developing ground-breaking biotechnology,” says Per Falholt, Executive Vice President for R&D at Novozymes.

Approximately 14% of Novozymes’ revenue is reinvested into research annually, leading to the development of over 100 new products since the company went public 15 years ago. These products are used globally and enable energy-efficient production, replacement of fossil fuels, more sustainable food production and other benefits.

The expansion is being designed to complement the location by preserving local forest and creating a park with nature trail that will be open to the public.  It will also include a learning center for visitors to learn about biology and nature.  This expansion is just the first phase envisioned for Novozymes’ future.  It is expected to meet the needs of the company until 2023, at which time there is a possibility of expanding for a total of 2,00-2,500 employees.