OASIS Manages Data Through Microsoft Azure

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Cloud, Data


Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System, LLC (OASIS) offers Web-based agriculture data management system on the Microsoft Azure platform. OASIS implements and manages Standard Edition applications for thousands of farms and businesses through Microsoft Azure’s deployment strategy. The program connects cloud-based and on-premise computer servers.  This creates a virtual private network that allows seamless operation and maintains a high level of security.

Testing is complete and OASIS ready to host customer data at a center in the Netherlands.  The location ensures fast and reliable service for growers operating across Europe, Eurasia, and Africa.  Other data centers are also in place at other geographic regions, making the program useable to farmers in their respective regions as well.

Because of Microsoft Azure, OASIS is able to drive down the price even lower without sacrificing security or quality. With a very low price for business enterprise software, the OASIS Standard Edition provides the best value over the competition. The thrifty farm manager will appreciate the large amount of data that can be processed and analyzed from land preparation through on-field farming operations to off-field post-harvest operations in a single computer system. You’ll be able to find cost-savings in your farm.

Visit http://OASIS.AG to read more, try the product demonstration, or buy the software.