Agribotix Gets Grant for Ag Drone Data Work

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, drone, UAV

AgribotixA pioneer company in drone data collection and analysis has won a $250,000 award from Colorado’s Advanced Industry Program.  Agribotix provides farmers with a cloud-based software platform for decoding data collected by drones to provide results intended to improve yields and reduce costs.  

The grant comes from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, with the purpose of advancing innovative and viable technologies coming out of the state. Agrobotix will be using the grant to grow their customer base and further implement its products, meeting the rapidly growing demand for agriculture drones on the world market.

“The grant will substantially hasten our plans to develop our market,” said Tom McKinnon, Agribotix founder and CTO. “Significantly, it also signals validation of our technology and business model by industry experts. We have the right stuff to lead the pack in global markets and contribute to Colorado’s economy.”

“This grant will accelerate our plans by almost a year,” added company
CEO Paul Hoff. “We’ve gathered data analysis requirements from farmers around the world. Part of the grant will be used to better understand our customers’ needs and drive development of products that solve important agricultural problems.”

Estimates suggest the drone market could surpass $1 billion annually in the near future and the state of Colorado is positioning itself to be a leader in ag drones and services on a global scale.