Texas A and M Hosts “Year of Soils” Event

Kelly MarshallEvents, Soil, University

imagesTexas A&M University is hosting the Global Soil Security Symposium on their campus this week.  The event is scheduled as part of the United Nations Food and the Agriculture Organization’s Global Soil Partnership as they declare 2015 the International Year of Soils.

“This is an opportunity to recognize the importance of soil science in our current global challenges of human health, food and water security, and the role of soil in biodiversity under a changing climate,” says Dr. Cristine Morgan, Texas A&M crop sciences professor and a co-chair for the event.

“It’s critical that we recognize soil on the same policy plane as food, water and energy. Securing soil is imperative to our human development on this planet. We estimate that soil supports our planet to the tune of some $11 trillion annually,” adds co-organizer Dr. Alex McBratney, University of Sydney professor of soil science.

“This Symposium will be a global forum of new and optimistic ideas concerning soil and its place in sustainable development. It represents an exciting and demanding new era for soil science, which I believe we shall respond to quickly, positively and successfully.”

More information about the meeting outline and directions and parking information are available here.