Yield Lab Adds APSE to Company

John DavisAg Group, Agribusiness

yieldlabThe nation’s largest agriculture technology business accelerator is adding a company that will bring cost efficient production of RNA for agricultural applications. The Yield Lab is adding APSE to its first cohort. APSE begins participating in the Yield lab accelerator programming this week in St. Louis.

APSE is a company that is developing an innovative and very inexpensive way of manufacturing RNAi. RNA is the pattern that is used to direct the manufacture of proteins. When targeted, RNAi prevents the pattern RNA from expressing. This could potentially be used to alter plant characteristics such as herbicide resistance or used to control insect pests.

Dr. John Killmer, CEO of APSE commented, “We at APSE are very excited to be a part of Yield Lab. Their program for entrepreneurs is unique and will be an important component of APSE’s commercial success moving forward. APSE is making systematic progress in our production technology to bring cost effective RNA for RNAi applications in broad acre agriculture.”

The Yield Lab’s mission is to promote solutions for a healthier, more sustainable future though the Yield Lab portfolio.

“The Yield Lab is thrilled to have APSE on board. We have been assessing APSE and the progress they have made in St. Louis and believe they are at the perfect stage for the Yield Lab to accelerate their business development,” said Thad Simons, managing director of the Yield Lab.

The Yield Lab runs a nine-month program that supports emerging AgTech companies with up to $100,000 in funding, an agriculture-specific curriculum, one-on-one mentorship, free workspace and networking opportunities.