Verdesian Offers Phosphite-Free Product

John DavisAgribusiness, Plant Science

verdesianVerdesian Life Sciences has introduced a new formulation of a plant nutrition product that solves one of the problems of tree nut and stone fruit growers who export to Europe. The company says its Primacy ALPHA™ is a phosphite-free product that addresses concerns regarding European Union (EU) Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for phosphites.

Primacy ALPHA™ … delivers similar crop efficacy and tank-mix compatibility as Nutri-Phite® and is superior to conventional phosphite (PO3) products without the risk of exceeding EU MRL limits. According to Verdesian, Primacy ALPHA delivers the benefits of plant nutrition, health and yield responses without any PO3 residue. Primacy™ is a newly-created brand for Verdesian, and Primacy ALPHA is the first premier product offered under the new brand family.

According to Chris Buchheit, senior marketing manager, nutritionals, for Verdesian, benefits to the grower from Primacy ALPHA include promoting plant health and yield, increasing nutrient uptake, utilization and delivery, optimizing flowering and fruit size, and providing secondary and micronutrients critical to optimal crop development and growth.

“There are a lot of products from which growers can choose,” Buchheit said. “But Primacy ALPHA is unique in terms of the many benefits it delivers without containing phosphites.”

Primacy ALPHA can be foliar or soil applied and is tank-mix compatible with most commonly used pesticides and fertilizers.