AgSense Releases Precision Irrigation Package

John DavisAgribusiness, Irrigation

AgSenseIrrigation hardware and software provider AgSense has released a new irrigation package that combines the company’s Field Commander and AgSense Crop Link telemetry units. This AgSense news release says the Field Commander Ultimate precision irrigation package provides unmatched versatility in remote monitoring and management of virtually all irrigation equipment, regardless of brand, age or current capabilities.

The Field Commander Ultimate package allows growers to remotely monitor and precisely control center pivots and pumps, along with monitoring flow, pressure and weather. Capabilities include Variable Rate Irrigation and custom prescription programming by growers or their agronomists. Soil moisture can also be added by adding the AgSense Aqua Trac Pro® or Aqua Trac Lite® soil moisture monitoring device.

“Pivots are controlled and monitored from the Web at or from the WagNet® App for iOS and Android smart phones,” said AgSense Chief Executive Officer, Terry Schiltz. “By packaging these devices together, growers gain ultimate visibility and control of their fields by leveraging their existing in-field irrigation infrastructure with AgSense technology.”

Schiltz also notes that the Field Commander Ultimate package allows AgSense to build on its brand agnostic approach, offering growers the flexibility they have become accustomed to with all AgSense products.

This announcement follows AgSense’s January debut of Aqua Trac Lite into the AgSense line of soil moisture telemetry units, with units now available for use this growing season.