John Deere’s 6 Family Tractor Line​

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, John Deere, Tractor

John Deere TractorJohn Deere has expanded its lineup of 6M and 6R Series Tractors for model year 2015 to offer producers a wider range of horsepower, frame sizes, transmissions, hydraulics and other options.

“Our objective is to continually expand our tractor line to meet a wide variety of customer needs, yet be able to offer the same proven performance, reliability and service standards in every 6 Family model,” says Kory Ross, mid-tractor product manager for John Deere. “The new models in our 6M and 6R Series continue that tradition, with tractors ranging from 110 to 215 engine horsepower, and build commonality in horsepower and other features within the 6 Family.”

Tractors in the mid-specification 6M Series are well-suited for such chores as haying and field work; loader, feeding and material handling; mowing roadsides; and maintaining orchards and vineyards. Operation can vary from creeper speed for working in specialty crops to 25 mph for faster transport. The closed-center pressure and flow-compensating hydraulic system offers advantages such as increased lift capacity and faster loader-cycle times.

Seven 6M models are available (the three numbers following the “6” indicate engine horsepower). Small-frame models are the 6110M, 6120M and 6130M; the 6145M and 6155M are mid-frame models; and the 6175M and the new 6195M are large-frame models.

In addition to the higher power range, the 6Ms are available with mechanical cab suspension system for improved ride quality; factory-installed AutoTrac™ Ready for assisted steering on the mid- and large-frame models; on-the-go auto mechanical front-wheel drive and differential lock for increased traction; and front hitch and front PTO options for front-mounted implements.

The 6M models also have Power Fill brakes for demanding loads and hillside mowing operations and come with multiple tire options based on different applications.

The 6R Series of premium specification tractors offer additional horsepower, cab and control options, and more performance features to handle larger chores and field operations. These features include the ComfortView™ cab, high-performance controls, and optimum comfort, along with panoramic visibility.

The Generation 4 CommandCenter™ provides premium technology and functionality, such as integrated AutoTrac™, to deliver accurate and cost-effective guidance through the field. And PFC hydraulics, with up to six selective control valves, provide maximum hydraulic efficiency for operating large implements, seeding tools, row-crop planters and potato harvesters.

Customers can choose from a range of models, including small-frame 6110R, 6120R and 6130R models; mid-frame 6145R and 6155R models and large-frame 6175R, 6195R and 6215R. The 6R Series Tractors feature commonality of CommandCenter™ and operational controls that shorten the learning curve for operator training from 6R up to 9R Series Tractors.