Trimble Offers Enhanced Commodities Data

John DavisAgribusiness, Data, Trimble

trimbleFarmers will get better commodities information thanks to our friends at Trimble. The company says it is providing farmers with the markets data as part of its Connected Farm™ solution.

The information is available to all farmers using Trimble’s Connected Farm dashboard, a Web portal that provides one central location for farmers to view key information impacting their operations. With this enhancement, Trimble continues to make Connected Farm a trusted source of quality information for growers.

In the commodities section of the Connected Farm dashboard, farmers are now able to view local cash bid prices by postal code and futures market commodity prices delayed by only 10 minutes. This gives users the ability to monitor the value of their crops so they are better able to determine when and where they should be selling them in order to maximize profits.

In the Connected Farm dashboard, farmers can also view their weather forecast, daily rainfall totals, Doppler radar maps, farming tasks, field boundaries, fleet locations and monitor irrigation systems. With this information, farmers are able to make more informed management decisions for their farming operation. For example, knowing daily rainfall totals can help growers determine whether to run irrigators or not, or determine a specialized irrigation prescription based on differing rainfall amounts across the field. The Connected Farm dashboard is customizable and accessible via Internet-enabled devices such as desktop and notebook personal computers, smartphones and tablets, and the Trimble® TMX-2050™ display.

Trimble officials say with all this information conveniently located in one place, farmers will be able to make timely decisions to maximize their profits.