TeeJet’s Aeros 9040 Field Computer Offers New Features

John DavisAgribusiness

Aeros_HO_Perspective MarkA1TeeJet Technologies is offering some new features in its Aeros 9040 Field Computer. This company news release has additional capabilities including tip flow monitoring, ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT) functionality, and Wi-Fi data transfer.

Integrated tip flow monitoring detects plugged or missing spray tips and provides the operator with an immediate alert on the Aeros console and an illuminated LED on the boom for easy identification of the problem. Additionally, nozzle faults are recorded and mapped on the as-applied report.

ISOBUS UT capability allows the Aeros 9040 to integrate with other ISOBUS control modules on the machine and to provide a single console display. Aeros also offers the capability of displaying both guidance and application control on a single screen, further enhancing the operator experience.

The addition of Wi-Fi connectivity allows wireless 2-way job data transfer between the machine and the farm office when used with the TeeJet Fieldware Link application.

“We’ve had some great early successes with key sprayer and spreader manufacturers worldwide and we expect these new features to accelerate that growth,” notes Rich Gould, OEM Business Manager with TeeJet Technologies.

These new capabilities are in addition to existing features such as guidance, auto-steering, video monitoring, variable rate application control, as-applied mapping, automatic section control (ASC), and droplet size monitoring.