Climate Corp Free Offer for Farmers

John DavisAgribusiness, climate, Monsanto

climatecorp2To get more farmers to try its premium web and mobile service, Climate ProTM, Monsanto’s The Climate Corporation will offer it free for farmers’ first fields and the opportunity to use the service across their entire operation after their purchase of 500 acres.

“We’re excited about the value Climate Pro can provide farmers, with advanced nitrogen and field health insights to support the important management decisions farmers make throughout the season,” said Sarah Pierce, marketing lead for The Climate Corporation. “With their first field free, farmers can experience the service on some of their acres and can activate their entire farm after purchasing 500 acres, providing farmers with the opportunity to experience the full value of the service across their operation. While Nitrogen Advisor is only available for corn today, this whole-farm offer includes Field Health Advisor on all their acres, regardless of the crop.”

Climate Pro, The Climate Corporation’s premium web and mobile offering, delivers customized, field-level insights for farmers to help optimize their nitrogen use and identify problems in their fields early so they can focus their scouting efforts and take quick action to address pests and other issues that impact yield. Nitrogen Advisor helps farmers track the level of nitrogen in their soil across the entire corn-growing season. Field Health Advisor provides field-level insights that help farmers make scouting and management decisions.

“We are very excited to experience Climate Pro for free on our first 250 acres and potentially across our entire operation this season,” said farmer Shelley Finfrock of Clinton, Ill. “My family and I enjoy trying new technologies on our farm, and we are especially looking forward to trying the nitrogen and field health tools. Anytime we can receive actionable information that will keep us educated on how to better manage our crops and use inputs like nitrogen more efficiently, we are all for it. This is a great offer that we’ll be taking advantage of.”

Farmers wanting to try it out should contact their Climate Pro dealer.