ANBO Manufacturing’s New Line of Grapples & Blades

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Equipment

grappleANBO manufacturing has announced a new product line of grapples and blades for Wheel Loaders, Large Tractors and Skid Steers with horsepower rating ranges from 100 HP to 300 HP.

The grapple line-up includes a series of rugged and reliable rakes and rakes with upper grapples that have exceptional quality and high capacity material handling capability.

“Products in this new line-up are for the person who is making a living using large machines and needs a reliable product in order to to do lot of work fast”, says Chris Newman, President of ANBO Manufacturing. “We have brought out a line of professional grade products that will do more faster and more reliably than any other product line out there”.

ANBO manufacturing has a long history of manufacturing quality, rugged attachments, but the core difference in the new ANBO attachment line is the high quality, “bullet-proof” rated steel used in the attachments. This gives the grapple or blade the ability to withstand years of rugged use and still provide the customer with a reliable, efficient working tool, day after day, year after year.

The new ANBO grapples also features a set of options to enable the customer to specify various elements such as tine spacing, style and width that will insure optimal performance in the customer’s exact use environment.

There are 6 different grapple models included in the new line-up with widths ranging from 6’– 10’. Tine spacing can vary on the models with options for 6”, 8” and 12” spacing. These grapples also have capacity options from 1.64 Cubic yards to 11.21 Cubic yards. There are models for rugged digging and tilling as well as a version designed specifically for rapid, bulk material moving in scrap yards, wrecking yards and timber operations.

Models with openings from 65” up to 118” are available, along with options for serrated upper tines to insure aggressive gripping of the load. No matter what bulk material you are handling, whether it is working on rocks, digging roots or carrying car bodies, you’ll have the capacity and the solid grip to get the job done.