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classic15-deere-lauraJohn Deere recently announced their new John Deere App Center that allows their equipment users to search and find apps most useful to their business or operations.

We learned more about the app during Commodity Classic from Laura Donaldson with Deere. “With more and more apps out there we wanted to make sure our customers had a central place to go and look at all the apps that they have access to.”

“The app we have in the app store is where you go to access our GoSeries apps and any of the other mobile apps that we have. Whether it is GoHarvest or GoSpray we have those apps in that App Center helping you prepare for that part of the season. Planting is right around the corner. So, if farmers are out there getting their planter ready, they can go to the GoPlant app within our App Center and see some of the information they may need to set up and get ready for planting in 2015.”

Laura said you can access the John Deere App Center in the Apple and/or Android app stores.

Listen to Taylor’s complete interview with Laura here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Laura Donaldson, John Deere”]

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