FarmLogs Advantage Unveiled

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Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 8.39.22 AMFarmLogs, the leading data science company that helps over 20 percent of U.S. farms maximize productivity and field profitability, unveiled FarmLogs Advantage at Commodity Classic last week. The suite of breakthrough innovations will make precision farming possible for every farmer in America. The new version of FarmLogs will offer powerful automated data collection and analysis features focused on helping farmers make their fields even more profitable.

The current version of FarmLogs will remain completely free with no restrictions and will now be called FarmLogs Standard. FarmLogs Advantage will give users all the great features and benefits of FarmLogs Standard, but will also include a variety of even more valuable functionality to simplify and enhance the way farmers collect and utilize more data from their fields to increase their profitability.

The FarmLogs Advantage features: automatic activity recording, field performance maps, in-season crop health monitoring and growth stage analysis.

“For the past two years, we’ve been working hard on building the best tool to make precision farming effortless for all farmers. Now with FarmLogs Advantage, we have created a whole new category of data that will fundamentally transform the way we farm and the future of agriculture,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “We are thrilled to introduce automated data collection and to provide unprecedented field-level intelligence that cannot be found elsewhere.”

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