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classic15-deere-press1John Deere has made several significant advancements in the area of intelligent precision solutions in the past six months and at Commodity Classic we learned more about how these tools help growers connect with trusted advisers.

Pat Pinkston, John Deere Vice President for Technology and Information Solutions Agriculture, introduced a panel consisting of a farmer, an agronomic services provider, and a John Deere dealer who talked about how they are using some of the new innovations, which includes the John Deere App Center introduced in January.

“You can get one application that will connect you to all of the applications that John Deere has introduced for mobile devices,” said Pinkston.

LtoR: Ron Milby with GROWMARK Agronomy; Illinois farmer Ken Dahlenberg, Justin Blanchette with AHW

LtoR: Ron Milby with GROWMARK Agronomy; Illinois farmer Ken Dahlenberg, Justin Blanchette with AHW

The panel highlighted the connectivity of the MyJohnDeere Operations Center, introduced in August. Farmer Ken Dahlenberg of east central Illinois talked about how he works with his crop consultant and John Deere technical specialist as a team.

“Over the last few years we’ve created a lot of data – from planting to spraying to fertilizing to harvesting,” said Dahlenberg. “Now we have the ability with My(JohnDeere) Operations Center to get that information seamlessly and move it forward through agronomy decision making processes but also being able to look at the machine if it’s not operating or recording properly.”

Dahlenberg says he can send data as he is harvesting to his consultants at GROWMARK cooperative Illini FS and they can make recommendations on the spot. GROWMARK Agronomy Marketing Executive Director Ron Milby says that is something he really likes about MyJohnDeere wireless data transfer. “It actually can seamlessly go from Kenny’s machine to our software and that data can drive insight,” said Milby, who adds that the technology is also helping ag retailers service customers better.

Justin Blanchette says his John Deere dealership AHW in Dwight, Illinois has a centralized support center with a staff of seven to help farmers like Ken keep the data moving. “We’re there to be the ‘easy’ button,” he said.

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