CTIC Talks Soil Health at #Classic15

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classic15-cticGood crops start from healthy soils, so it only makes sense that the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), a national, public-private partnership that promotes environmentally beneficial soil practices, was a part of this year’s Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cindy caught up with Karen Scanlon, CTIC executive director, who said her organization is celebrating 2015 as the International Year of Soils.

“[CTIC] has always supported soil health by promoting conservation systems as a great combination of practices that can build up soil quality and protect other resources while being a productive and profitable system for farmers,” she said, adding that CTIC was handing out gummy worms and recipes at Commodity Classic so families can have a fun way to learn about soils.

CTIC was also part of the recent Soil Health Summit in St. Louis, Missouri, part of the Soil Health Partnership. Scanlon said it’s partnerships like that one, which includes ag groups and agribusinesses, that builds better understanding for all parties interested and having a stake in soil health.

“It was great to see the farmers participating, and I was really encouraged by all the interest farmers have in trying these practices and being part of something new and how eager they were to share what they were learning,” she said.

CTIC has several more items in the works, including a cover crop survey they’ve just started and the next CTIC Conservation in Action Tour, Aug. 11-12 in Minnesota.

Listen to Cindy’s conversation with Karen here: [wpaudio url=”http://www.zimmcomm.biz/commodity-classic/classic15-ctic.mp3″ text=”Karen Scanlon, CTIC executive director”]

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