John Deere ExactEmerge One Year Later

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nfms15-deere-planterThe big deal at the Farm Machinery Show last year was the big reveal of the ExactEmerge planter by John Deere and the revolutionary seed delivery system that allows for accurate planting at speeds up to 10 mph was still an attention-getter at the exhibit this year.

“Last year was an exciting time,” said Deere’s ExactEmerge expert Kelby Krueger. “We have now put the 1775 and 1795 in full production for the 2015 season.”

nfms15-deere-kelbyIn 2014, Deere put out 36 planters for use on about 75,000 acres across a pretty wide geography. “We actually planted from Nebraska over into Ohio and up to Canada,” said Krueger. “All those different soil types, different terrains, different seed types. We learned and we made some adjustments to improve the product for 2015.”

Next year, Krueger says they plan to add ExactEmerge to the John Deere DB lineup – 60, 80 and 90 foot – and also putting it on a 1725 CCS integral, “which is for customers who need the planter right behind the tractor.”

The ExactEmerge planter was honored with a 2015 FinOvation award from Farm Industry News presented last night.

Listen to my interview with Kelby here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Kelby Krueger, John Deere”]

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Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by John Deere