FieldView® Upgrades from Precision Planting®

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Apps, Planting

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.56.45 AMFieldView from Precision Planting enables farmers to capture and visualize their farm data, providing the tools they need to make data-driven decisions that can increase yields and improve efficiency. FieldView, available on iPad and online, allows growers to view real-time planting and harvest maps in the cab, improve scouting with mobile field maps, and drive decision making with automated yield-by-hybrid reporting and more.

“Farmers know precision ag practices can bring incremental yield gain and operational efficiency,” said FieldView Lead User Interface Designer Kyle Plattner. “Field-level data is essential to enable farmers to micromanage their operations. This year’s FieldView upgrades build on our industry leading software by providing simple tools for farmers to take their field-level management to the next level.”

Key upgrades in this year’s FieldView Plus 4.0 include:
– RemoteView to help farmers stay on top of details even when they aren’t in the cab. With this new feature, farmers can connect to their machines from their iPad to view planting speed, hybrid, population and other key planting metrics in real-time.
– Planting Plan helps farmers eliminate critical errors during planting. With this feature, farmers can build their planting plan before the season starts, logging the field’s crop, hybrid, and planting rate information. The planting plan appears as soon as the planter enters the field, allowing the operator to confirm with a single tap and go.

The FieldView website now offers a simple, do-it-yourself variable rate planting prescription tool. “The planting prescription tool offers farmers an easy way to give variable rate planting a try if they are new to the practice,” said Plattner. “Farmers don’t need to mess with transferring data on flash drives or use complex software, and the planting prescription is seamlessly transferred into the cab and executed in the field using the 20/20 SeedSense® monitor and vDrive® or RowFlow® from Precision Planting.”