Eco Agro Resources Introduces N YIELD AZ

Cindy ZimmermanFertilizer, Nitrogen, weather

N YIELD AZEco Agro Resources has introduced a new stabilizer product, N YIELD AZ, that combines a proven nitrogen stabilizer ingredient with the “power of PENXCEL technology for unsurpassed performance.”

Eco Agro Resources CEO Andrew Semple says they developed N YIELD AZ for situations such as using cold fertilizer with ice-cold steel equipment, for example. “To solve this, we’ve developed N YIELD AZ, a high-performance nitrogen stabilizer formulation that stays liquid, even at freezing,” said Semple. “It coats fast and consistently in the blender. And it gives growers reliable protection for their nitrogen investment.”

The new, patent pending N YIELD AZ formulation was created to stay liquid at zero (AZ) using PENXCEL technology that contains unique anti-freeze additives. It delivers excellent performance, not only in cold weather, but also under tough field conditions. N YIELD AZ with PENXCEL technology penetrates deeper into granular urea and provides consistent coverage throughout the blend. It conditions as it coats. The benefit is as much as 25% less time in the blender than the industry standard. Its water-free formula doesn’t add moisture to the fertilizer or to equipment, keeping the blend as free-flowing as possible.

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