20 Best College Farms in America

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Education, farm land

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.39.45 AMBest College Reviews has published a ranking of the 20 Best College Farms in America. Best College Reviews is an editorially independent college review website focusing on college rankings, reviews of college features, and thought leadership on helping students find their place in the higher education landscape. I am excited to see a Missouri school on the list that is right in my back yard.

From small student-run organic farms, to large agribusiness training centers and entrepreneurial programs, farming plays a central role in many American higher ed institutions. Best College Reviews realizes that a university farm can mean a number of things, so as they reviewed 50 universities from across the country, they kept the following criteria in mind: Farm Size, Integration with the Main Campus, Sustainability, Are courses taught at the farm?, Do students use the farm?, and Integration with the Community.

Here are the top 5 on their list:
1. Warren Wilson College – Asheville, North Carolina
2. College of the Ozarks – Point Lookout, Missouri
3. Deep Spring College – Big Pine, California
4. Hampshire College – Amherst, Massachusetts
5. Butte College – Oroville, California