PrecisionHawk’s Focus on Strategy & Globalization

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Thomas_3The folks at PrecisionHawk are excited to introduce their new Vice President of Strategy and Globalization, Thomas Haun. Over the past year PrecisionHawk has worked to really expand their international presence and have done business in Denmark, Colombia, Australia, Argentina, Poland and India.

Thomas is a sales and business development professional with a decade of experience in building new business opportunities, maximizing financial impact & identifying and maneuvering global economic trends. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics and a Harvard MBA.

From 2005 to 2009, Thomas assumed multiple key roles at Northop Grumman that ultimately led to over $100M in new contracts. Following his move to Dupont Pioneer in 2011, Thomas drove over $80M in additional revenue by pinpointing global marketing opportunities, building a scalable agriculture services business, reducing development time-to-market and maximizing overall financial gain.

When asked what interested him the most about PrecisionHawk, Thomas said, “The team. Our range of experiences, deep subject matter expertise, and desire to solve any customer challenge continues to amaze me. This talented group enabled with the latest technology delivers tailored solutions of high quality information and critical insights that help our customers become more successful.”

To learn more about PrecisionHawk and their new addition checkout a complete interview with Thomas here.