Mahindra Opening New Midwest Distro Center

John DavisAgribusiness, Equipment, Tractor

mahindra1The biggest seller of tractors in the world based on volume is opening a new distribution center in the Midwest. Mahindra USA announced the 15-acre facility will open in Lyons, Kansas and serve customers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota with the ability to ship 150 tractors per month once fully operational.

The Midwest Authorized Distribution Center will employ 10-15 full-time employees that will ensure product quality, safety and offer the industry’s top-fulfillment lead time to Mahindra dealers. The Kansas facility will also have a dedicated Service and A/V training room to support Mahindra Service Training Schools, scheduled for completion in April 2015.

“The addition of a fifth distribution facility underscores our continued commitment to investing in infrastructure to support the Mahindra product line and brand growth. There is a focused effort to provide our dealers with fast response times to meet their growing market requirements,” said Mani Iyer, President, Mahindra USA. “Mahindra is the fastest growing tractor brand in North America because of our emphasis on dealer-first and customer-first philosophy.”

Mahindra officials say the new center provides the perfect distribution channel for Mahindra products, giving a competitive edge to the dealers.

This is Mahindra USA’s fifth distribution center in North America, with other facilities located in Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia.