New Products From United Suppliers

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Nitrogen, Planting

United SuppliersUnited Suppliers announces the launch of Optify™ and Symbol™ Advance powered by Take Off®; two new products for 2015 crop season.

Optify, a newly EPA registered plant growth regulator, promotes root growth and nutrient uptake when applied in-furrow.

Symbol Advance powered by Take Off increases nitrogen use efficiency inside the plant when applied via foliar application.

“We are looking forward to the 2015 crop season, especially with these two performance brands in our line-up. United Suppliers owners will utilize these advanced technologies to help growers produce stronger, healthier corn plants that mitigate yield limiting stresses.” stated Ryan Klapperich, Marketing Manager.

United Suppliers continues to invest in advanced technologies resulting in a rich pipeline of agronomic solutions that will help its owners and their customers meet their production potential.