Flexi-Coil® P Series Air Carts From New Holland

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Equipment, New Holland

P4950 Air CartThe Flexi-Coil® P Series air carts from New Holland set a new standard for accurate, reliable air seeding delivery. Redesigned from the ground up, these new air carts have an unprecedented number of patent-pending features that provide advantages that increase return on investment.

“The P Series air carts are a fresh example of Flexi-Coil’s long-standing heritage of innovation,” says Jason Hardy, New Holland Crop Production Marketing Manager. “Our product design team conducted extensive research with customers to make sure the P Series met their wants and needs. The result is an air cart that sets a new standard in seeding and application accuracy, reliability and efficiency.”

– Seven models, multiple configurations, huge grain tanks up to 950 bushels
– Industry-leading distribution system for unmatched accuracy
– Blending flexibility: distribute or combine any tank to any run
– IntelliView™ IV plug and play: takes the guesswork out of rate setting
– Accurate section control option: eliminates double applications of seed and fertilizer
– EZ Flow headers: gentle seed handling can increase yield

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