Raven Release Over-the-Air Updates via Slingshot Link

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Data, Raven, Software

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 8.52.55 AMRaven Industries announced the release of Slingshot® Link™, a groundbreaking set of new support tools that will simplify the management of field-deployed precision ag hardware. Slingshot Link will give customers and dealers the ability to send Raven Operating Software (ROS) upgrades and updates wirelessly to compatible Viper® 4 field computers through a Slingshot Field Hub. This new capability will ensure customers in the field have instant access to the latest and greatest features and enhancements for their Viper 4 field computer, as well as other important diagnostic information. To improve upon the quality experience Raven customers have come to expect, this new round of updates will also contain enhancements to its popular remote support capabilities, which have become an invaluable tool for both Raven and its global dealer network for providing real-time field support and training.

“Connectivity in the field is becoming an integral part of our customers’ operations,” said Paul Welbig, General Manager of Raven’s Austin Technology Center. “Building up and leveraging those capabilities is a key to success in today’s ever-changing and connected environment. Sending ROS updates wirelessly will greatly simplify a previously very cumbersome and costly process.”

Through their Slingshot account, customers will have access to a suite of tools to help manage in-field devices as well as software upgrades and updates for their entire fleet. This will enable incredible flexibility and control of software updates for Viper 4 systems. Slingshot Link tools will be available in early 2015.