Farm Bureau Optimistic about New Year

Cindy ZimmermanAFBF, Audio

afbf15-stallmanThe 96th annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation is underway in San Diego, kicked off by president Bob Stallman Sunday morning telling the membership that agriculture must push harder for important policy reforms in 2015.

“We cannot ignore the extremes of the left and right, but we must speak to the center: the legislators in both parties who go to Washington because they want to make policy and get things done,” Stallman said. “It’s time for Congress to get back to work – to do their job so you can do yours.”

Acknowledging that preparing for the 2016 elections will shorten time for Congress this year, Stallman detailed a number of important issues the need to be tackled, including immigration reform, food labeling, taxes and energy policy.

Listen to Stallman’s speech here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”AFBF president Bob Stallman, 2015 convention”]

Stallman opening press conference: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”AFBF president Bob Stallman, press conference”]
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