PumpProxy Helps Farmers Save Water

Cindy ZimmermanConservation, Irrigation, technology, water, Water Management

pump-proxyAs water management becomes an increasingly important issue for farmers in all parts of the country, PumpProxy from Net Irrigate offers a solution that saves money, time, fuel and millions of gallons of water.

PumpProxy allows farmers to remotely monitor and shut down irrigation pumps by website or mobile app, and receive text, voice or email notifications upon issues including thermal overloads or power failures. Up to ten recipients can be notified when technical issues occur. PumpProxy is integrated through cellular connectivity with WireRat, another Net Irrigate solution which alerts farmers when well wire tampering or thefts occur.

“At a nursery that uses about 60 million gallons of water annually, saving water is a big benefit,” said Chase Weatherly, a PumpProxy user from Arkansas, who adds that the remote monitoring function saved him countless trips between the nursery and the pump station.

Will Spargo of Neelyville, Missouri says the remote monitoring function is his favorite part of PumpProxy. “When I’ve been gone out of state or even down the road, I can control what happens with the pump,” said Spargo.

The PumpProxy product is used by farmers in dozens of states and is sold at more than 200 dealerships nationwide.