HarvestMaster Releases New Brand Identity

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Data, Harvesting

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.05.31 PMHarvestMaster™, a Juniper Systems company that provides data collection for agricultural research, now has a new, updated brand identity for a fresh look. The release of the new logo also coincides with the announcement of HarvestMaster’s new H2 High Capacity GrainGage, a high-accuracy harvest data system for agricultural research.

HarvestMaster’s previous logo has been around since the company was first founded back in 1993. So it was with an attitude of continuous improvement and forward-thinking that the company moved ahead with the new design. The new brand identity has subtle ties to the logo of HarvestMaster’s parent company, Juniper Systems, and represents a theme of “new growth,” which resonates well with HarvestMaster’s agriculturally-minded customers.

“With the release of both the new brand identity and the H2 GrainGage, HarvestMaster is taking another huge step forward. The culture here is one of continual growth and evolution, and the new logo really represents that well,” said Allen Wilson, HarvestMaster’s Market Manager. “We’re always striving to provide greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy for our customers, and we believe the new brand identity embodies all of that.”