EXCEL Dryers Ensure High Efficiency & Grain Quality

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Equipment, Grain

ExcelDryer copySuperior Manufacturing’s EXCEL mixed-flow under-fan grain dryers use approximately half the BTUs of conventional screen dryers and only 40 cfm per bushel compared to 100 cfm. They also combine gentle heat with longer retention times for a low stress process that keeps grain quality intact.

EXCEL dryers provide highly efficient heating. The Schedule 80 internal vaporizer’s 2-inch line, the largest in the industry, vaporizes the propane over more surface area. It is placed in balanced plenum heat, which vaporizes more evenly than harsh blast heat. The propane fuels a low-emission Maxon burner that requires less than a pound of pressure to produce 1 million BTUs per linear foot. Finally, upper plenum venting increases airflow so the dryer can preheat quickly.

With capabilities ranging from 735 to 4,800 bushels per hour on single-phase power and as much as 7,500 bushels per hour on three-phase power, EXCEL grain dryers fit operations of any size, from small family farms to large commercial elevators. Superior also designs them for easy expansion. Models start at 10 tiers and can be easily expanded onsite by adding additional tiers – up to 26 – to the top of the dryer.

Superior incorporates several features into EXCEL dryers to ensure consistent dryer temperature. First, users can open or close a 4-foot true burner transition to maintain proper airflow. EXCEL dryers also feature the largest corner venting in the industry, which prevents hot spots from forming in the dryer’s corners. Finally, the mixed-flow process pushes heat up through alternating rows of ducts so grain is conditioned from both sides.

With their industry-leading holding capacities, EXCEL dryers retain grain longer while maintaining a high bushel-per-hour throughput. Combined with consistent dryer temperatures, a longer retention time ensures optimal heat transfer into the seeds’ cores and removes moisture without damaging kernels. Once grain reaches the target moisture level, it is carried to the unloading point by drag chain conveyers with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene paddles that are gentler on recently conditioned grain and cause less breakage and cracking than augers.

Superior manufactures its EXCEL dryers with G90 galvanized steel to prevent rust and wear, and designs the dryers so they require little maintenance. For example, users can open drop-door cleanouts by flipping a handle on the over-center cam locks so they can easily blow the dryers out from top to bottom with an air hose.

The drop-door cleanouts enhance safety, as well, because they can be used for emergency cleanout. Other safety features include a flame rod, liquid gas regulator and true-piloted gas train that prevent the dryer from filling with propane, which could cause unsafe operating conditions.

EXCEL dryers also come standard with the Dryer Master GM2 moisture monitor, which monitors outgoing grain moisture. A digital panel displays the information so users can manually adjust the dryer settings. The optional DM510 provides even more detailed information and capabilities. It monitors inlet and outlet moisture, drying temperature and discharge rate, and will automatically adjust the dryer settings to reach the target moisture.

For ease of operation, users can choose either a gravity fill or scalper for loading, and either a 2-to-1 gravity transition or a cross drag conveyer for unloading and moving conditioned grain away from the dryer for other storage. The dryers also come with a platform that covers half of the top of the dryer. Wrap-around and side platforms are optional.