Covering the Farm with Ayrstone Ayrmesh

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ZimmCast 461It’s time for another edition of the AgNerd Cloud, a fairly regular column on new technology for the farm. In this program we’ll learn about how you can obtain a good internet cloud on your property that can include remote ethernet connections via a new wireless device!

Ayrmesh Hub2nThanks to Bill Moffitt, Ayrstone Productivity, for working with us by supplying some products that include a few Ayrmesh Hubs (Hub2n) and an Ayrmesh Receiver. These have been installed at ZimmComm World Headquarters and at the Walkin’ Z Ranch. The Walkin’ Z is my brother Paul’s Georgia farm. In this program you’ll hear him and his son Eli talk about they Ayrmesh system they set up to have good wifi coverage over all of their property and buildings. In the photo is one of Paul’s Ayrmesh Hubs that is mounted on the roof of his home. It is connected to another Hub at his guest house where Eli is living while he attends college.

Ayrmesh ReceiverAt ZimmComm World Headquarters I have an Ayrmesh hub set up that is connected to an Ayrmesh Receiver (pictured). The Receiver takes the Hub signal and provides me with an ethernet connection that I have running through an ethernet switch (splitter) to provide me with multiple ethernet cable connections in the second building on my property.

They work great! They’re simple to set up and Ayrstone support is fantastic. ‘Nuff said.

Listen in to my conversation with Paul and Eli as we talk about using the Ayrstone system: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”AgNerd Cloud – Ayrstone Ayrmesh”]

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