PacificAg Can Help Make 2014 More Profitable

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pacificag-logoThe largest and most experienced biomass harvest company in the country is helping growers see increased profits in the emerging biomass markets. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services that allow growers to further diversify their operations and experience additional revenue.

PacificAg started in the residue management business nearly 20 years ago harvesting forage crops for feed in Oregon and CEO Bill Levy says they help growers to further diversify their operations and experience additional revenue.

“For growers I think PacificAg is an easy solution for managing residue,” says Levy. “The grower doesn’t need to invest in capital in both equipment and people necessary to perform the harvest. They can really focus on their primary harvest and let PacificAg come in with the latest equipment and skilled staff and manage that residue to the right level and make sure it’s performed sustainably as well.”

The most recent call for residue management assistance has come from the bioenergy market. “The great thing about residue management is that it’s unlocking value for a grower,” says Harrison Pettit, a partner with PacificAg. “One of the unique things that we do is that we connect and understand a grower’s needs and tailor a residue management program to fit these needs. We’re linking this with a long-term, year round bioenergy conversion plant. So it’s the first time a specific company like PacificAg has been matched with a long-term marketplace. This enables growers to unlock value that hasn’t existed before.”

PacificAg wants to share the benefit of their experience and turn that into long-term returns for growers. If you are a corn, wheat or milo grower who lives within 100 miles of an advanced ethanol biorefinery, is looking for new markets for your biomass and is interested in adding a new revenue stream to your operations, PacificAg wants to hear from you.

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