Climate Corp. Builds Data Platform with Labs Acquisition

John DavisAgribusiness, Data, Monsanto, Software

climatecorp1The Climate Corporation is beefing up its efforts to build the industry’s leading data science platform for farmers with its acquisition of 640 Labs, an agricultural technology startup based in Chicago. The Monsanto subsidiary made the acquisition announcement but did not disclose terms of the deal.

“At The Climate Corporation, we strongly believe that leveraging on-farm data can help farmers maximize yields and optimize natural resource use,” said David Friedberg, CEO of The Climate Corporation. “Turning that data into valuable tools for farmers requires a combination of top software engineers, statisticians and specialized disciplines, from agronomists to climatologists. The 640 Labs team brings a combination of engineering and agricultural expertise that will complement and enhance the capabilities of our existing team.”

640 Labs is a startup in downtown Chicago, Illinois, founded by Corbett Kull and Craig Rupp, two highly experienced engineers. The team works to leverage the power of analytics, mobile technologies and cloud computing to help farmers capture and store in-field data.

“We share The Climate Corporation’s vision of providing seamless data solutions for farmers,” said Kull. “We’re very happy to be joining an organization that is leading the development of unique data science solutions for farmers.”

The Climate Corporation is expected to announce new products or services to be offered as a result of this buy.