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alltech cropAlltech Crop Science provides growers worldwide with natural solutions to reduce harmful effects of abiotic stress in plants. Their soil health products offer root support development and contribute to a healthy soil agribiome. Danielle Palmer, North American PR Coordinator talked Alltech’s crop science program at NAFB’s recent Trade Talk with Chuck.

“Crop science is a huge part of the business. We get to use technologies that Alltech started 30 years ago with natural yeast base fermentation on animal health. We are also getting to apply those technologies on the crop side. For example, this year a lot of farmers have had to deal with severe drought. We have to have technologies patented that can help feed the good bugs in the soil and also increase the organic matter so these plants can better withstand conditions like a drought or flooding.”

Danielle also shared what questions they get form row crop farmers who have never considered this as an option for operation’s crop protection plan. Once the farmers see the results first hand they are easily convinced it works. For those wanting more information on Alltech’s crop science solutions, email cropscience@alltech.com. They will then hook growers up with a representative in their area and find out how Alltech products can best fit each operation.

Listen Chuck’s complete interview with Danielle: [wpaudio url=”http://www.zimmcomm.biz/nafb/nafb-14-alltech-palmer.mp3″ text=”Interview with Danielle Palmer, Alltech”]

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