Partnership for Sustainable Ag Standardizing

John DavisAg Group, sustainability

fieldtomarketsustainabilityTwo sustainable agriculture groups are joining forces to make sure measuring and reporting of information is better standardized. Field to Market and The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) say their new partnership will ensure there’s harmonized science-based approach to measure and communicate sustainability in agriculture.

In a memorandum of understanding signed last week, TSC and Field to Market have agreed to work toward greater harmonization of metrics in overlapping product categories, encourage data platform interoperability and collaborate together on innovation projects. This partnership will enable Field to Market’s metrics and benchmarks developed through a multi-stakeholder process to be utilized in reporting against TSC’s key performance indicators on continuous improvement in corn, cotton, rice, potatoes, soybeans and other crops related to a number of sustainability indicators.

“The partnership with The Sustainability Consortium is an important step in Field to Market’s efforts to create a common framework to measure the sustainability of U.S. agriculture. This move toward alignment will help the agriculture value chain communicate more clearly to consumers while creating a foundation to advance sustainable outcomes in U.S. crop production,” said Rod Snyder, president of Field to Market.

“The Sustainability Consortium is built on a foundation of collaboration and alignment. A strong partnership between TSC and Field to Market will allow us to openly share information and harmonize our approaches to measuring the sustainability of key agricultural crops. We are pleased to have Field to Market as a partner and look forward to working with them as we help companies all across the supply chain capture the big opportunities sustainability has to offer.” said Sheila Bonini, CEO of TSC.