The Andersons Combining Turf, Plant Nutrient Groups

John DavisAgribusiness, Turf

TheAndersonLogoAn Ohio-based company working in the grain, ethanol, and plant nutrient sectors will combine some of its groups into a yet-to-be-named company. The Andersons, Inc. plans to combine its Turf & Specialty and Plant Nutrient groups into a single entity.

“The Turf & Specialty and Plant Nutrient groups have become closely aligned in the customers they serve, the products and services they offer, the manner in which they operate and in their growth strategies,” says COO Hal Reed. “We believe the two groups are stronger together than separate. This move offers additional growth opportunities, enhances profitability and, most importantly, takes our customer service to the next level.”

Leading the combined group will be Bill Wolf, who currently serves as the President of the Plant Nutrient Group. Tom Waggoner, currently the President of the Turf & Specialty Group, will assume a new role as corporate Vice President, Marketing and Operations Services.

Leadership changes are expected to occur at the first of the year, with the full integration happening later in 2015.